A Facebook business page allows you to maintain and control your presence on the largest social network site in the world, and the place where many of your customers spend most of their time online.

It’s good to be Liked!

If your customers love your business, product or service, they will want to be associated with you and they will want to tell the world – the “Like” button!

Not everyone will wear a t-shirt advertising their favorite brand but most people WILL “Like” your business on Facebook. And we have technology that will encourage people to “Like” your page and boost the number of people connecting each day with your business. Once they click on the “Like” button for your page, the fact that they now Like your business page is announced to all their friends and contacts – see how this can go viral?!

A Facebook Page Can Be More Effective Than A Website

With a conventional website, you need your customers or prospects to visit your website by one of the following methods:

  • Find you in the search results,
  • Bookmark your site and recall the bookmark,
  • Click on a link to your site, or
  • Type in your website url into the address bar of their browser

However, because most Facebook users visit the site at least once a day, they are far more likely to visit your Facebook page if it is well maintained and contains useful updates, events, competitions, or promotions.

Once they have “Liked” your page, they will automatically get updates of any new information that you post to your Facebook page, such as an event, a competition or a coupon promotion.

Our Facebook business page service gives you a branded presence with the following features:

  • Custom Designed – not a template
  • Allows you to run competitions
  • Allows you to run coupons and promotions
  • Builds your network of “Fans” and spreads discussion of your business using viral marketing
  • Supports highly targeted advertising on Facebook

Google loves Facebook

Yes, Google has introduced its own +1 social network, but the fact remains that Google rates Facebook pages for the following reasons:

  1. Fresh content on a well created and managed Facebook page will frequently rank on page #1 for a keyword search on the brand. This is an opportunity to get a second listing on the first page results for your business, as well as an opportunity to manage your reputation by shaping the conversation surrounding your business.
  2. Google interprets Facebook Likes (and Twitter Retweets) as votes for the popularity of your business similarly to how it counts inbound links to your website. Having a well maintained Facebook page with great content gives you an opportunity to cultivate your army of “likers” and rank well in organic results.

Facebook Places and Coupons

Your Facebook page allows you to list the physical address of your locations. This works great to support your efforts with Local Search Optimisation for Google Places and Bing Local. However, it also allows customers to “Check-in” to your page when they visit one of your locations, thereby spreading the word about your business to all of their friends – more free viral advertising.

With Facebook Coupons, you now have the ability to offer daily, weekly, or other coupons to your customers. A daily coupon is a great way to grow repeat sales from existing customers and to encourage prospects to become loyal customers.

Facebook Users

  • 23.5 million Facebook users in the UK
  • Average Facebook user has 130 friends
  • 50% of Facebook users login every day

Facebook Connections

  • Average user spends 700 minutes on Facebook each month
  • Facebook users share 30 billion pieces of information (pages, links, photos, etc) with each other every month
  • Average user is connected to 80 pages and events