Dynamic Websites – Stunning Design

Website Design for small business UKAt KOLP, we know that a dynamic website with great design and good usability can really make the difference to your business. By capturing the power of the web in connecting you with existing and new customers and making those all-important sales, your website is your 24/7 store and window on the world. KOLP websites are a real investment, effective in making you money online.

Our websites are bespoke designs, created by experienced in-house professionals and teams of external specialists. Our websites are tailored to your business requirements and objectives and we can develop internet marketing strategies that enable your brand to engage with customers, build loyalty and increase sales.

SMEs with a website are growing four times faster and exporting twice as much as non-connected businesses.

A successful site can be a point of reference, a marketing tool and even a checkout for many companies for whom the internet has opened up vast new opportunities for connecting to their customers.

Successful, results-oriented websites

Here at KOLP we know what makes a successful website. Attractive, striking sites catch the eye but to engage a customer or potential customer, it must read well and be easily navigable. It should also mirror your company, your brand and your customers.

We are experts in designing and building sites which hit the nail on the head, jumping through these key hoops in all these areas to make our websites truly effective for our clients. When a client approaches us to build a website we take time to identify their site’s objectives and target demographic, then we carefully package their corporate message and convey it online, creating sparkling sites which stand out and get noticed.

Online UK Business

  • Online commerce represents 7% of UK GDP ~ £100 bn in 2014
  • Online commerce will grow to 13% of total GDP by 2015
  • 70% of UK households now have broadband

Online or Offline?

  • 70% of connected households will use local search to find offline businesses
  • 43% of search engine users are seeking a local merchant to buy something offline
  • Consumers spent £40 billion in 2010 buying products and services offline that they researched online